Dilaveri Park (site of the former Terrazzo slabs and European Ceramics Factory)


Dilaveri Park, covering an area of 10 acres, is located in the district of Lefka. It owes its name to the Dilaveri family, which was a pioneer in the field of pottery and brick manufacturing at the end of the 19th century, having founded in 1902 the ” Terrazzo slabs and European Ceramics Factory ” on a privately owned plot on the outskirts of the Karavas hill. The Dilaveri brick and tile factory developed into one of the largest companies for the production of Marseille type tiles and of perforated, solid and smooth pressed bricks. Hoffman type chimneys were installed in the factories for the firing of ceramics and the application of artificial drying methods, which offered high quality products. Most of the Lefka factory was demolished in 1985, while today the Hoffman chimney with the circular gallery, two other chimneys along with the administration building are preserved. Today, in the former place of Dilaveri factory on Thivon Street there is a park.

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