Former 42nd Primary School


This is the former 42nd Primary School of Piraeus, which for a time was also used as a prison. Today’s abandoned three-story (ground floor and two additional floors) neoclassical shows axial symmetry on both sides, while it is characterized by classical rigor and harmony. It has two entrances, both on Karaoli and Dimitriou Street, as well as on Alkiviadou Street. The middle part of each face is differentiated, partially protruding and crowned with a pediment finial. Slightly projecting pilasters are formed on the corner edges, but also on both ends of the central projection, and they bear a complete entablature. The second floor features a double balcony with metal railing, supported by marble corbels. A canopy runs through both sides, shading the openings on the ground floor, however due to the solidity damage the building is facing, it has been protectively covered. Openings of the faces appear to have casings and a horizontal cornice runs across the facades at the height of the pilaster imposts, while on the roof only a few antefixes are preserved.

Building identity


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