It is a two-story building with distinct morphological elements of Neoclassicism. The tripartite organization of the faces into base, main body and crown is very characteristic. The external surface of the (raised) ground floor is shaped in a kind of vaulted masonry (bugnato), in imitation of carved stones. A horizontal cornice element separates the ground floor from the first floor. The openings in the floor are flanked by pilasters with imposts, which are decorated with small heads (of Hermes?), and display a finial with part of an entablature. In particular, the openings placed on the axis of symmetry of the first floor have a balcony with metal railings, supported by marble corbels. The central openings (balcony doors) are respectively flanked by pilasters with impost, which carry an entablature and a pediment finial. The edge of the building is characterized on both sides by elongated bands with decorative dentils. The projecting roof eave rests on supporting beams and the overlying parapet is formed by alternating piers and balustrades. The building, today, is used as a retail shop and has recently been restored.

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