Building at 27 2nd Merarchias Avenue & 180 Ypsilantou Streets


It is a three-story corner building with morphological elements that refer to the neoclassical style. A projecting cornice with bands and moldings at floor level separates the ground floor from the first floor and respectively the first from the second floor. Cornerstones adorn the extreme edges of the building. Both the main face, on 2nd Merarchias Avenue Street, and the face, on Ypsilantou Street, are divided in height into three parts, so that the central one partially protrudes, and is emphasized by the existence of balconies with ornate railings, supported on marble corbels with deeply carved rosette decorations. The openings on the two sides are surrounded by pilasters with Corinthian-like imposts and architraves. The two small balconies on the first floor, on Ypsilantou Street, are also of interest, as they bear a curved metal railing.

Building identity


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