Building at 96 Karaiskou & 48 Tsamadou Streets


It is a two-story corner building with characteristic neoclassical morphological elements. Shops operated on the ground floor, which today remain closed. A series of arched openings face towards Karaiskou, as well as towards Tsamadou Streets. The position of the “key” on the arched element is decorated with a ceramic figure of Hermes. The corner edge on the ground floor is formed according to the pseudoisodomic masonry system. Triple balconies supported on marble corbels extend along both sides and bear cast iron railings. An entablature of horizontal stripes and serrated bands adorns the ground floor. On the first floor, the openings are surrounded by frames and have a triangular pediment finial. An exception are the two acute corner openings of the upper floor on Tsamadou Street, which have pilasters with Corinthian imposts and are crowned with a protruding cornice. Horizontal stripes and a serrated band form the ending of the building, while cornice supporting beams support the overhang of the eave, while the parapet on the roof displays small piers, alternating with balustrades.

Building identity


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