Municipal Gallery of Piraeus


The Municipal Gallery, which began operating in 1957, is housed in the restored building of the Neoclassical Post Office at the junction of 29 Filonos, Karaoli Dimitriou and Notara Streets. Its rich collection includes 837 paintings by well-known modern Greek painters (such as Nikolaos Lytras, Michail Oikonomou, Konstantinos Maleas, Konstantinos Romanidis, Alexandros Christofis etc), as well as many newer artists. It also includes sculptures by Georgios Kastriotis (1899-1969) and the Collection of Panos Aravantinos (1884-1930) (scenographies, portraits). The Municipal Gallery of Piraeus also houses works by the folk artist S. Lazaros (1916-1980), as well as the donation of personal items of the great Greek actor Manos Katrakis.

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